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In this 7 hour series of talks, Dr. Wesley Muhammad meticulously rebuts Mr. Paul Guthries popular claims that Master Fard Muhammad is an Indian Buddhist. Dr. Muhammad dismantles the five pillars of Guthrie's errors.

Listen to or watch this important presentation about how the Holy Quran, the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and Master Fard Muhammad's Supreme Wisdom are compatible with each other. Purchase this 2-hour lecture and take another look.

The tap water supply in the general United States is supposed to be some of the cleanest water in the world. At least this is what its citizens are told. Purchase this 2+ hour lecture and learn the truth.

Before weed and Molly were the recreational or turnup drugs of choice, they were experimental psychochemical weapons of the US Army.  Dr. Wesley Muhammad explains how and why.

Atrazine. Thimerosal. Mercury poisoning. Gender-bending. What does it all mean and why is important for everyone to know?

Why do Black people in the United States seem to acquiesce to institutional racism? Dr. Muhammad presents a list of people, places and motivations behind the systematic assault on Black people.

Listen to Dr. Wesley Muhammad explain: Who are the true enemies of Black people and how can we build a strong Black family.

Learn about and understand the motivations behind the program of hormonal modification through drinking water in American cities.

Discover the proof that the United States government has sponsored medical experiments on Black youth, its connection to crack cocaine and counter-revolutionary behavior control.

The most comprehensive exposé by

Dr. Wesley Muhammad about marijuana and its use as a tool to control and supress human beings—especially the Black man of North America.


How and what is the cause of the Black Matriarchy among Black people in the United States?


What kind of scientific experiments exacerbated the tension between Black men and women and how does this fit within the paradigm of chemical and psychological warfare?


Delivered on December 19, 2016 Muhammad Mosque No. 3 in Milwaukee, WI USA.

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Dr. Wesley Muhammad delivers an enlightening and inspirational message about the deep origins of White Supremacy and how it has reverberated through time.


Hosted by Muhammad Mosque No. 97 in Rialto, CA USA on January 8, 2017. Slides from the presentation are included (PDF format).

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In a 2-hour presentation, Dr. Wesley Muhammad outlines the connection between lynchings of Blacks in America, the crack cocaine epidemic, marijuana use and why hatred for Blacks continues to thrive in the United States.


Delivered at the Alkebulan Cultural Center in Pasadena, CA USA.


What are the classes of people and how does it function in the global white supremacist system?


Its historical context and other relevant topics are clearly described by Dr. Wesley Muhammad during this 2 hour+ lecture in East St. Louis, IL USA. 


Dr. Wesley Muhammad presents scientific and historical evidence about multiple conspiracies to weaken the strength of Black families through the manipulation of Black manhood by drugs and sexual behavior.



The on-demand video or audio includes presentation slides, study guide, glossary and recommended reading list.


Delivered on January 29, 2017 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago.


The War of the Gods explains more about the sources of fear that fuels the rage of hatred for Black men and its relation to the Islamic traditions of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


Purchase now as DVDon-demand video and audio. Each purchase includes a study guide and glossary.


Dr. Wesley Muhammad explains and documents the link between European colonization and a concerted effort to eliminate masculinity among Black and other indigenous cultures in Africa and the Americas.


Click the picture for excerpts and to buy the 90 minute video or audio editions. Both include study guide. Delivered May 15, 2016.


Dr. Wesley Muhammad sheds light on more evidence of the diabolical crimes against Black people as outlined in Part 1.


This also includes discussion about biophotons and  cellular chemical manipulation. Click the picture for excerpts and to purchase the 90 minute video or audio editions. Both include study guide and slides. Delivered May 22, 2016.


Dr. Wesley Muhammad discusses the hidden hand in the manipulation of Black American men through drugs and environment during this lecture at Muhammad Mosque #7C in Brooklyn, NY on September 23, 2016. Includes study guide with glossary.


For a limited time only, each audio and video purchase includes a free PDF eBook "Autism and the War against the Black Male Mind"


Dr. Wesley Muhammad explains more about 

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teachings regarding Israel, Jacob and how it relates to the struggle between the forces of White Supremacy.



Both includes study guide. Delivered on August 9, 2016 in Chicago, IL USA.


Why should anyone—especially Black women—learn how to understand and sympathize with the Black man? What are some of the quantifiable reasons for abuse, neglect and self-hatred among Black families?


Dr. Wesley Muhammad answers these and a few more insightful questions from Final Call News writer Jehron Muhammad on November 2, 2016. 


This interview is free of charge. Click the picture to listen or download.


The Scientific Origins of the Black Thug and the Black Sissy was presented as part of the official book launch of Dr. Muhammad's book Understanding the Assault On Black Manhood and Masculinity at Hagar's Palace in Atlanta, GA USA.


October 14, 2016. Video and audio versions include slides from the presentation, along with an 8 page study guide, glossary and recommended reading list.


Discussion about the effects of injustice in Black communities, along with the deeper causes of those effects.


The presentation includes the slide mentioned by Mr. Muhammad in this lecture, along with a five page abstract entitled "Sacred Science of the Black God: Degrees of Divinity and the Divine Hierarchy (Democratized Divinity)." 90 minutes.

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